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Jacqueline Wall
1812 Ralph's Ridge Apt.103
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Your costume should be as unique as you and your horse are!

From flowing desert robes, to the harem girl's veil... Tassels to fringe... Whatever it is that you want to show yourself and your horse in, I can do it. I know how hard it is to find a ready made Native Costume. I also know that just because it fit her horse doesn't mean it will fit mine! My costumes are made strictly for your horse. If you want beads, you can have them. Sequins? You bet! "But I ride my horse western!" No problem! I can make western or English saddle covers. I can even get you a saddle that only goes with this costume! "Well, what if I want to show my horse in a full bridle?" That's not a problem, either. The bridles I make are only for the Native Costume class. And what color combinations do you want? I will do them all. All I need from you is a brief description of the costume you want, your horse's blanket size, the type of saddle you ride, and the type of bridle you wish to use. It's just too easy! I have a wonderful picture program that will let me alter any picture I have to make sure I know exactly what you want. If it's not right, you just write me back and say, "Hey, that's not what I told you!" I can give you a price estimate after I have the entire concept for your costume. Then you tell me, "Well, I guess I can afford that." or, "Are you crazy!? Nobody will pay that much for something like that!" Then we come to an agreement. OK, say I've finished the costume, and you don't need it anymore. I can then put a picture of it on this web page, and see if anyone else is interested in buying it. What could be better than that?

This Arabian Native Costume Webring site Is owned by Jacqueline.
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